Self-Assessment Essay

Jashandeep Singh


Intro to Engineering

Instructor Hill

Self Assessment Essay

I believe that I have nearly fully achieved the courses learning objectives. I have acknowledged others and my linguistic differences to develop my rhetorical sensibility. For example, I would give an example of a sentence I could write in my group and my other group members would state the same idea but in a different way which improves on the readability of the sentence.

I have enhanced strategies for reading, drafting, revising, editing, and self-assessment. For instance, before this class I would read assignments all the way through and write about them. Now, I will underline and highlight main points and try to put them in my own words to understand them better. Also, I now read my drafts over a day after writing them with a fresh mind to see if they make sense and are articulate. My revising has always been good, I look over for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. This helps with my editing because if I see a mistake I will fix it write away or if I see I can word a sentence better I will do that to aid in the flow of the essay.

I have negotiated my own writing goals and have not set them too high. Instead of aiming to get an hundred on all my assignments I aim to get a ninety. The same goes for audience expectations regarding conventions of genre, medium, and rhetorical situation. Next, I have developed and engaged in collaborative and social aspects of writing processes with many of my group in class. I have revised my group mates works and they have revised my work. I have worked together with groupmates to brainstorm and create ideas for assignments.

I have engaged in genre analysis and multimodal composing. With my groups and I have tested out different methods of relaying information. Such as bullet points, full paragraphs, images, etc. Next, I have been able to formulate and articulate a stance through and in your writing. For example, in my “Memo” assignment I choose the topic of campus security. Throughout the whole text I kept my stance that campus security was weak and can easily be improved. I did not deviate from my stance and make great points to backup my stance making it stronger.

I used many library resources, online databases, and the Internet to locate sources appropriate to your writing projects. For instance, in my “Lab Report” assignment I used a online databases search engine to locate an article of my liking. I researched topics for assignments on the library computers to help me complete my assignments. Finally, I have been able to strengthen my sources by quoting, summarizing, paraphrasing and citing sources. In my “Lab Report” I cited parts of the text I analyzed and paraphrased them to help the report flow better. I have also cited evidence in nearly all my assignments to strengthen them.

Additionally, my perceptions of writing have evolved throughout this semester. During the beginning of the semester I did not enjoy writing and thought it was boring and not important. However, after learning about and completing the self-assessment essay, memo, lab report, technical description I developed respect and learned how important writing actually is. While researching for the assignments and looking up previously done work by students and seeing how much work goes into the assignments and how important they are I developed respect for writing and writers.